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Local Area Network

L@N, or Local Area Network, is Rupert Huber and Otto Müller, the latter a former member of the German project Die Anarchistische Gummizelle. Both live in Düsseldorf, where they are active painters as well as creators of bizarre polka-like techno anomalies. These tracks come from Twoinone, their first release for Staalplaat after three albums for Mouse on Mars's acclaimed A-Musik label.

Müller, a learned man with a degree in communication theory, describes their music as an ongoing conversation between two partners. L@N's musical process begins with live recordings. The musicians manipulate and record separately, on different channels, then somewhere along the line they meet again. Their output collides at the point where glitches become essential parts of the whole, where abrasiveness melts into a joyous feast. These tracks demonstrate how L@N's unique recording process can yield very different yet thoroughly enjoyable results. "Weeio" is an almost Chain Reaction-style minimal techno piece, "Flulaan" sounds like it could be Pink Floyd mixed with Brise-Glace, and "Klapp" is a bouncing, bubbling song that would sound at home on a Mouse on Mars record.

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