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In the mid-'90s the French house music scene came alive, and with that scene came the multi-talented Paris-based producer Ludovic Llorca. Together with David Duriez, Llorca runs the pioneering deep house imprint Brique Rouge, an outlet for up-and-coming artists such as Yann Fontaine, Dan Balis, and Jori Hulkkonen. As Les Macons De La Musique, Duriez and Llorca make music that combines time-honored jazz samples with up-to-the-minute house programming techniques. Indeed, Llorca is something of a technical genius. His Dad (a first generation computer programmer), presented young Ludovic with his first computer at the tender age of 11 and he has been glued to his monitor ever since.

In addition to releases on his own label, Llorca has licensed a number of EPs to Laurent Garnier's ubiquitous F Communications. '97's Can't Take It paved the way for '98s Little Computer People and '99s The End. All were hugely successful on the deep and funky house circuits. Llorca's '01 debut album, Newcomer, flip-flops between smooth vocal downtempo, classy jazz-house, and straight up deep house. It's hardly surprising that people are calling him the next St. Germain, such is the quality of his production. "The Novel Sound" and "Indigo Blues with Nicole Graham" are both taken from said groundbreaking album. Alexkid's firing remix of "Indigo Blues" is taken from a remix EP.