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Llama Farmers

In the tradition of rock-happy teenagers (and teenagers-at-heart) everywhere, the Llama Farmers present albums full of precise pop hooks and punk rock energy. "Get the Keys and Go," from their 1999 debut, Dead Letter Chorus, perfectly captures the feeling of bouncing up and down in the mosh pit, losing twenty pounds in sweat, and not caring about anything. The song's infectious, exuberant melody and boundless enthusiasm will sneak down into your subconscious and stay there until you listen to the song again. And again... Hey, turn it up!

That pretty much sums up the Llama Farmers experience: big rock, big hooks, big noise. The London band's 2001 follow-up, El Toppo (featuring the great Brit-pop-meets-alt-rock anthem "Snow White"), follows in just that vein, offering plenty of memorable melodies and endless amounts of sheer noise. Fans of Noise Addict's carefree yet crunchy pop or Ned's Atomic Dustbin'sguitar-driven anthems should take note: you won't be able to sit still while you listen to this wall of sound!

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