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Les Jumeaux

Les Jumeaux is the alter ego of Sheffield-based twin brothers Nigel and Klive Humberstone, who also record as In The Nursery. During their 20 year musical career, they have consistently embraced experimentation, creating electronic hybrids of natural acoustic sounds and synthesized elements.

Their '83 debut release as In The Nursery, When Cherished Dreams Come True, marked the beginning of a prolific musical career that has yielded over 230 recorded works encompassing landmark albums such as Twins, L'espirit, Sense, Anatomy Of A Poet, Deco, and Lingua. On all of these albums, the brothers have consolidated their distinctive sound, while constantly incorporating broad new influences. The group has also worked with noted luminaries in the electronic music realm such as Andrew Weatherall of Two Lone Swordsman renown.

Their work as Les Jumeaux dates from preproduction for the classic "Smokebelch" single. They followed this by remixing numerous artists' material, including Andy Weatherhall's "Haunted Dancehall & Glann Street." Finally in '96 they released their debut album, Freathercut. Cobalt is a fusion of diverse inspiration, digital experimentation, and sound manipulation. Along with extensive new material, the album is supplemented by contributions from Beaumont Hannent and guest re-mixers The Protagonist and Lunatic Eclipse.

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