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Lenola has been a rock fixture in Philadelphia for the last half-decade, and as soon as you get a load of their bizarre drunken guitar psychedelia, you'll see why. Their damaged pop and possibly poisonous ear candy will leave windblown and wasted, not quite sure what's happened to you, but pretty sure you liked it. So often it begins so innocently, too, maybe just some sunny guitar strum, a bouncy rhythm, and a sweet high voice, but before you know it, here comes a twisted, fuzzed-out guitar solo, here comes some warped, messy synthesizer blare, here come some weird, creepy effects, and then, oh boy, here comes a tower of feedback, better duck! Beneath all the drunken musical shenanigans, however, an indisputable quirky sweetness bordering on naïve persists, creating odd, endearing juxtapositions throughout Lenola's music that are sure to appeal to fans of The Flaming Lips.

Lenola is a self-contained operation, recording, engineering, and producing all their music in the cozy confines of guitarist/singer Jason Laughlin's Jersey home recording studio. Laughlin originally started Lenola in 1994 as a four-track solo project, but it quickly evolved into a full-scale band with the additions of guitarist David Grubb and drummer Sean Byrne, and later, bassist Scott Colan. The quartet is a music machine, continuously writing, touring, and putting out records on their own Tappersize label. Their albums include The Last 10 Feet of the Suicide Mile (1996), Swerving Corpse (1997), and My Invisible Name (1999), the last of which includes "Jet Row," "Frukus," and "Baby Loves Headrub." They've put out lots shorter players too, including 2000's Electric Tickle EP, which features "Driving Over to Your House." In 2001, they added another masterpiece of kaleidoscopic noise pop to their increasingly impressive resume, this one titled Treat Me to Some Life and containing "Lazy Eye," a dynamic piece of quirky genius with a huge chorus.

Nothing seems to get in Lenola's way, and God bless 'em for it. If you're a fan of My Bloody Valentine, Polvo, the Lilys, the Swirlies, or, as previously mentioned, The Flaming Lips, be especially sure to download.