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Roland Voss (Lemongrass) has a rich musical background spanning three decades. During the '70s, he played drums with numerous rock groups, funk bands, and jazz ensembles. During the '80s, Voss developed a penchant for electronic instruments. Having patiently honed his skills, in '93 Voss released his debut album, a largely breakbeat affair entitled Succa V. Four years later, he dropped his debut album as Lemongrass, Dramatic Universe, on a small German imprint called Incoming! The clever and ever-so-laid-back folks at Mole Listening Pearls (a subsidiary of UCMG) were so impressed they sought him out, signed him, and have kept him on their roster ever since. So far, Voss has released three albums for Mole, Lumiere Obscure, Voyage au Centre de la Terre, and Windows. "Sunrise On Fujijama" and "Journey To A Star" are taken from the last album. While "Fujijama," his ode to Japan's highest and holiest volcano, is a soft, melodic midtempo breakbeat cut, "Journey To A Star" is deep, downtempo, and extremely extraterrestrial.

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