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Lee Ranaldo

For almost twenty years, Sonic Youth has been rearranging the strict paths upon which musicians must travel. Exploring new galaxies of music with modified noise-making guitars and an experimental art-driven aesthetic, Sonic Youth has been one of the most influential rock bands of the last two decades, impacting everyone from Nirvana to your neighborhood punk band. Their success and importance stems from a pure energy and drive that has enabled them to tour religiously and release one experiment in controlled chaos after another.

Since 1981, Lee Ranaldo has spent his down time from his band putting out puzzling and ambiguous spoken word records that seem to cut straight to the experimental core of Sonic Youth. His stream-of-consciousness poetic offerings have mesmerized and bewildered, somehow raising new subconscious questions even as they answer old ones. And, as always, Ranaldo's prolific torrent of words is set to an equally prolific torrent of glorious guitar noise. On his fourth record, Dirty Windows, he delivers again with puzzling and powerful songs like the featured "The End of Life in America/Angels."