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Le Shok

Anarchy in Long Beach! The Southern California damaged art-punk tradition continues in the electrically charged form of Le Shok, a Long Beach quintet hell-bent on zapping your tender ears with high-voltage squawk-rawk currents. They do this with astonishingly short bursts of sound that combine the Gravity Records roster's damaged squalls of paranoid noise with the classic defiant vigor of late '70s U.K. bands like The Damned, mixing in some high-speed synths for spooky effect. The quintet features former members of The Locust, Treadwell, Crummy Fags, Serial Killing 101, and other such venerable outfits designed for the dissemination of frazzled aggression and outright mayhem. Le Shok has a split seven-inch with Electric Frankenstein (Know Records) and a 13-song, 14-minute 12-inch/CD, We Are Electrocution (GSL), which features "I Know You're Ready."

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