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Le Pimp

Raised by delta bluesmen in Memphis Le Pimp traveled the length of the Mississippi five times by the age of eight, on foot. A minstrel and part-time circus act Le Pimp is no stranger to the stage. His fur fedora and silver teeth have won him favor with ladies from coast to coast on every continent. His Cadillac collection represents his unbridled passion for excess, grandeur and infamy. Le Pimp landed on the sunny shores of Southern California in 1997, immediately becoming a fixture in the region's celebrity culture. Pioneering a West Coast Go Go sound unique to himself and a few local DJs, Le Pimp has created a globally recognized scene overnight. "If there's one thing I love its bass and ladies. OK, that's two things," he exclaims during his morning ritual of poolside mimosa and massage. "They seem to go hand in hand, and I love to get my hands on all of it." His patented sound and bright outlook make him one of the happiest underground artists of our time. No complaints from this international player, "If you haven't heard me yet, then you haven't heard anything," he says with a wry smile.

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