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Germany is undergoing an electronic music revolution that harks back to the heyday years of Kraftwerk and Ash Ra Temple. Artists Isolee (Playhouse ), Steve Bug (Pokerflat), and Ricardos Villalobos (Perlon) are defining a new, super minimal and highly electronic soundboard from which many new artists are now propelling themselves. Laub, signed to the highly regarded experimental Berlin label Kitty-Yo, are as integral to this movement as a tire is to a bike.

Their landmark full-length Kopflstig was met with widespread critical acclaim upon its '97 release. If it weren't for the German vocals, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that our featured track "Erinner" was Moloko. It comes with the same spaced-out female whispers, quasi-drum and bass sequencing, and creative synth programming. Intuition, the follow up full-length, came in original form and as a remix package with artists Clifford Gilberto, Pole, Matthias Schaffhauser, and Phoneheads lending their production talents. The Phoneheads remix "Weit Wag" with gusto, dubbing cut-and-paste vocals over tight and funky drum breaks and surreal synthesized soundscapes. A real drum and bass treat for lovers of Precision, Gyration, and Krush Grooves.

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