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Last of the Juanitas

The Last of the Juanitas' dense, sludgy, off-kilter, metallic rawk is somewhat comparable to the Melvins or The Jesus Lizard (sans vocals), or The Champs (plus bass), or upon closer listening, Kira Roessler-era Black Flag (sans vocals). These weighty slices of instrumental mayhem are centered on drummer Johnny Sheer's bombastic, spastic (and minimal) rhythms, guitarist Brian Giles's loose, accusingly loud style, and bassist Lana Rebel's loud cavorting, which walks the line between proggy stoner post-rock and straight-up metal. All are originally from Arizona, but the desert heat led them to move first to San Diego and then to Portland, Oregon.

These urgent, melodic, and seething songs have a restrained power, but they also have a less frantic, more calculated feel than many other San Diego bands. Make no mistake: this is not wimp rock. In fact, you might want to have a shot of your favorite beverage before downloading, just to make sure you can keep up!

Both of these songs are from their full-length LP, Brangus on San Diego's Flapping Jet Records. They also have a seven-inch on Flapping Jet.

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