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Musical terrorists and all-around pranksters Lard spare pretty much no one and nothing with their acerbic brand of punk satire. The rock supergroup features notorious ex-Dead Kennedys vocalist and all-around instigator Jello Biafra behind the microphone, backed by members of twisted industrial operatives Ministry and Ministry. Since the late '80s, Lard has operated as an occasional side project for its members, allowing them to address the more facetious side of their political and social outlook.

The band got together in '88 and released the three-song EP The Power of Lard. Soon after they followed with a full-length, The Last Temptation of Reid (1990). The project went on extended hiatus after the death of drummer Jeff Ward, but reconvened in 1997 to record Pure Chewing Satisfaction. Three years later they returned with another EP, '70s Rock Must Die, on which Biafra and friends take on pollution in both the physical and cultural environment, skewering faddists and the ecologically challenged. Al Jourgensen, Paul Barker and others back up Biafra's ranting and raving with a vitriolic, feverish attack.

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