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Languis is a duo from Argentina whose eclectic mix of acoustic instrumentation, warm synthesizer melodies, and abstract electronic percussion lead the way to their distinctive brand of listenable electro-experimental post-rock. Marcos Chloca and Alejandro Cohen have been musical companions since 1991, grafting sounds to form a constantly evolving musical unit. It's common to hear gently plucked nylon string guitar, whispered vocals, and an electric bass melody mingle with pulsing, effects-layered beats and swirling analog keyboard washes. Languis successfully manages to make interesting music by not aligning themselves with any particular style. Instead, they drift along in a dreamy, uncharted land where beautiful songs and traditional instrumentation go hand-in-hand with futurist, laptop experimentalism.

Languis has released three full-length albums and a handful of singles. They debuted in 1998 with Simball Sounds, followed by Last Frequency Presets in 1999, and Unithematic in 2000. "A Bridge To a Closer View," "Half Way There," and "Snowflakes" are from their most recent release available on their own label, Simballrec.

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