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Lali Puna

Valerie Trebeljahr started Lali Puna as a solo project after the demise of her Munich-based all-female band L.B. Page. When that band split in early '98, Trebeljahr developed a close personal relationship with her four-track recorder, finishing six tracks in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Markus Acher and others. After four of those tracks became an EP (Snooze), Acher brought in drummer Christoph Brandner from their other band, the Tied & Tickled Trio. The subsequent addition of keyboardist Florian Zimmer completed Lali Puna's lineup, and shortly thereafter the band released Tridecorder.

The Lali Puna sound is a sophisticated, complex mélange of classic pop motifs, pulsing electronic rhythms, and sleek European styling. Valerie herself could be the subject of a dissertation on modern cross-cultural anthropology: a Portuguese-educated German national, of part Asian descent, writing in English, sampling Spanish voices. The band isn't shy about its influences, which include Stereolab, Buffalo Daughter, and Aphex Twin, but close listening reveals echoes of less obvious artists like Nico, Brian Eno, and Saint Etienne -- as well as a strong streak of originality that makes simple comparisons like these somewhat difficult.

"Everywhere and Allover" and "603" both appear on Tridecorder. Darla Records handled the U.S. release of that album, which came out in Europe on the European avant-pop/electronic labels Morr Music and Hausmusik. Lali Puna's cover of the Human League classic "Together in Electric Dreams" appeared on March Records' tribute to the synth-pop superstars, Reproductions.