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Lake Trout

Not to be confused with the deep-fried delicacy of the South, Lake Trout are a Baltimore based five-piece nu-jazz combo.

Lake Trout formed in 1994 as an improvisational instrumental jazz band. After securing up a solid reputation on the local club circuit, vocalist Woody Ranere was added, resulting in a more traditional rock lineup and sound. Building a cult following up and down the East Coast, Lake Trout quickly became one of the city's most sought after live acts.

As their local popularity rose, Baltimore's acid jazz scene embraced the groove-laden sound of Lake Trout, and the five members of the band became increasingly interested in the dance underground. With a deep-rooted appreciation for hip-hop, Lake Trout set a course to explore the future-jazz side of dance music, employing production and composition techniques of electronic music into their live repertoire. This led to the band adding a DJ element into their lineup with SNS Records' DJ Who, a guiding force in the group's current direction. The fusion of a wide array of influences, including jazz legends Miles Davis and John Coltrane, has resulted in a brand of soul that is all their own.

Lake Trout's new album, Volume For the Rest Of It, is the follow up to their highly successful, self-released debut. While remaining close to their rock, hip-hop and jazz roots, Volume For The Rest Of It is the culmination of DJ culture's impact on the group. Lake Trout have incorporated drum and bass rhythms--all 100% live drumming--by Mike Lowry (no computer, no drum machines, no samples...the real deal). In addition, they have decided to turn their infectious tunes over to electronic producers for DJ-friendly remixes, the first of which is the sophisticated down-tempo track, "Sounds from Below", which is retooled by DJ Who, SNS newcomer OVA, up-an-coming house producer Jason Patrick, as well as the band themselves.

The tables have turned. As much as dance music has influenced Lake Trout, the band is now set to have an influence on dance music. Their impressive live performance and top caliber song writing will soon expose a new audiece to the joys of dancefloor jazz.

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