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Lake Of Dracula

Named for a 1971 Z-Grade Japanese vampire movie, Lake of Dracula resorts to sonic methods of mayhem not dissimilar to the cinematic scare tactics employed by its namesake. In other words, the band is cheap, fast, and out of control -- and it goes straight for the jugular. Its members all come from spiritually likeminded ensembles: guitarist and resident cynic Weasel Walter is a veteran of the avant-jazz/punk/noise ensemble The Flying Luttenbachers, frantic percussionist Heather M is from the Scissor Girls, and the maniacal, pompodoured, bespectacled frontman, Marlon Magas, was once a member of the U.S. Couch and is known throughout the land for his half-crazed rantings. The group has also welcomed members of US Maple and Jaks into the fold. It's a good thing these folks have music, because given their general proclivities, one could imagine them locked up in some sort of maximum security situation. What I'm saying is they're crazy. The collective makes abrasive, almost unlistenable music that exemplifies the so-called Chicago No Wave scene. But it's kind of fun, in a psychobilly Cramps sort of way -- full of manic stacatto rhythms, screeching guitars, and Magas's lunatic howling and groaning. The collective debuted in 1997 with a self-titled full-length (which produced "Biographers of the Flaming Druglords"). Lake of Dracula has yet to release another album, as its members are busy with other projects.