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Laj and Quakerman

As a part of the Idjut Boys extended family, Laj (Raj Gupta) and Quakerman (Ben Applin) are best known for their deep, organic house productions. Quakerman co-produced Life: The Shoeing You Deserve, with the Idjuts, a full-length project released on Scottish label of preference Glasgow Underground. Their debut full-length Fat Cow, released on Fiasco, was met with high critical acclaim in the more discerning music press, and remains a landmark release for a U.K. scene that is getting more and more live-sounding by the day.

Enter Buck, producer, Leaf Recordings label manager, and all round scenester. Using his inimitable charm, he procured some of their finest work to date. "Lewd Rudiments" is an absolutely fantastic mix of warm, well rounded breaks, beefy bass loops, and heavily echoed keys that sound simply divine on the bigger sound system. If you are familiar with labels Noid, U-Star, and Prosniff, look no further, you have found the perfect download.

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