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Lady D

You can't help but be impressed when looking through the list of Lady D's club credits. She has held down residencies at some of Chicago's finest venues, including Aura, Dragon Room, House Of Blues, Lola's, and Zentra. She is also a regular behind the wheels at the likes of Mad Bar, Metro, and the infamous Shelter. Couple this with some slightly more bizarre gigs for Cirque Du Soleil, Dennis Rodman, and NPR, and you are looking at one of the hardest working female DJs in the business.

In addition to spinning deep and funky house almost every night of the week, Lady D (Darlene Jackson) heads the grassroots marketing firm and quarterly music publication For Soul Only. The artists on her roster include DJ Mel Hammond, Mark Grant, and E-Smoove to name but a few. As a journalist she has written music and club review for the Chicago Tribune and presently contributes to LA-based Urb and established Italian zine, Discoid.

Like most successful DJs, Lady D has made the natural transition into production. Her debut release, "Champagne Lady," was produced with the help of the Chi-town's deep house master, Glenn Underground. The track, which fuses elements of dirt disco and deep house, is featured on the Afterhours compilation Sessions Vol.2 alongside cuts from Derrick Carter, Ralphi Rosario, and DJ Mel Hammond. More recently, Lady D has completed a mix CD for Afterhours entitled Naked Kaleidoscope, giving those not fortunate enough to live in the Chicago area a chance to hear this amazingly talented woman at work.

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