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Kulisch & Vana

Bollywood, Bombay's answer to Hollywood, churns out more films a year than its American counterpart, though some (if not most) are of questionable quality. Nevertheless, the Indian film industry is booming, and likewise, Indian musicians and composers have never had it so good. Enter Hans Kulisch and Stanislaus Vana, two Viennese producers on a mission to update the Bollywood sound. Relying heavily on the sampler, Kulisch & Vana borrow soundtracks from old favorites such as Jungle, Jodi, Bichoo, and Dalapatti, and twist them around using modern programming techniques.

14 such tracks are to be found on Indian Masala Mix Vol. 1, the first in a series of world beat compilations on Vienna's Ecco Chamber label. Some tend towards the dance floor but most towards the chill out room, as is the case with our featured track, "Veli Malarae."