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Kool DJ Rize

Kool DJ Rize is a veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area hip hop scene, having done just about all a DJ can do before producing an outstanding work of vinyl for the next generation of needle thrashers to come. Rize started out as a b-boy way back in the early '80s, collecting the records, spinning at house parties, high school dances, and later at clubs, when hip hop was first expanding beyond New York City and breakdancing was still its most widely recognized form of expression. He produced tracks for a couple of short-lived local rap crews (I.G.O. Posse in 1988, Rare Breed Tribe in '91), which led him to acquire his own means of production -- a W-30 workstation -- and also to hone his battle skills in numerous local performances. Rize says, "It took me a while to come up with my own formula to produce a track, but after years of watching, learning, and listening, I'm ready to make my mark."

After the demise of Rare Breed Tribe, Rize moved on to the airwaves, producing two weekly hip hop shows on Stanford University's KZSU from '92 to '95.

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