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Jurgen De Blonde comes from Knessaelare, a tiny town in Belgium. After early work with guitar-based pop music, De Blond began playing with a sampler, and Köhn (which means "rabbit" in Flemish) was born. His self-titled CD, released on K-RAA-K, was full of morphing sounds and scattered glitch-work. Many compared the album to similar material from electronic heavyweights Autechre, Oval, and Aphex Twin. The album earned him much critical acclaim and numerous invitations to perform throughout Europe, including a few dates with Sonic Youth at the request of the band. His second album, 2CD, was another step forward for De Blonde. In some ways it was a return to his roots --while maintaining his electronic edge, he reintroduced some voice and guitar to his dense compositions.

This sound is apparent on the featured track, "S. (for hubert)," part of a four song tribute to Köhn's landlord which appears on BiP-HOp Generation v.2, a French compilation featuring exclusive music from B. Fleischman, Arovane, Warmdesk, Wang Inc., and Laurent Pernice.

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