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Hailing from the San Francisco suburb of Daly City, the Kali Noise Terrorists (aka KNT) have been making their presence felt for a few years now. Besides proving themselves as MCs, they crew have been deep into the b-boy scene as well, and are known for getting crowds open all over the state with their extra-live stage show. They've had the backing of two of the world-famous Invisible Skratch Piklz: co-founder Apollo has been known to tour with the crew, and Q-Bert dropped scratches on their cut "Cycles," featured on the 1998 Bay Area hip hop compilation Rules of the Game. KNT is also known for staying active within the Bay Area's Filipino community, which led to their involvement with the Elephant Tracks project, a compilation designed to spotlight Asian-American identity in hip hop whose proceeds benefit the Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliances (APISA).

On their contribution to the compilation, "This Y'all," they ride to a bouncing, chopped up track, rockin' an old-school-styled chorus. Between refrains of "Like this y'all!" they boast that they're "movin' through enemy mind states like telekinesis." Scratches are provided by Apollo himself.

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