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Graham Smith is one of those wild teenage prodigies, a kid so bursting with the compulsion to express himself that he beat the normal development curve for indie rock success by a mile, releasing a CD, Sexual Harassment, before he was even out of high school. It was a collection of offbeat unpolished bedroom pop numbers that suggested to many a more adolescent, hyperactive Guided by Voices, which set the tone for Smith's rapidly developing oeuvre. With that release, the boy wonder was off and running, summoning a remarkable flood of lo-fi musical mischief that has ranged from the glib pop egoism (Graham Smith Is the Coolest Person Alive) to more glib pop egoism in the form of a double disc comedy/concept album (the more concisely titled Smith) to the absurdly tongue-in-cheek cross-pollination of lo-fi rock with cheap R&B and hip hop posturing that makes up Smith's newest effort, After Mathematics, which the youthful songwriter says is influenced by the music of Timbaland and TLC. Like a cheekier, geekier Beck, Smith is an intriguing and ironic songwriter with an uncanny ability to create pop culture pastiches that are utterly his own.

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