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King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy

King Jammy (formerly Prince Jammy) pioneered digital dub in the '70s with King Tubby, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and Augustus Pablo. With (literally) hundreds of releases to his credit, Jammy (Lloyd James) is to an echo chamber what Evil Knievel is to a motorbike, as evidenced by his '87 "Rockers Award" for best producer. The former King Tubby apprentice has plied his trade on labels such as Blood & Fire, Trojan, and Greensleeves.

Experienced drummer Shigemoto Nanao (Dry) and prolific bassist Takeshi Akimoto (Heavy) formed Dry & Heavy in '91. The Burning Spear enthusiasts (hence the name), were joined in '95 by recording and mixing engineer Naoyuki Uchida, guitarists Kei Horiguchi and Keiichi Rikitake, keyboarist Mitsuhiro Toike, and vocalists Likkle Mai and Ao Inoue. Two years later, Dry & Heavy (pictured) released their self-titled debut on Olive Disc to wide critical acclaim, both in Japan and Jamaica. In '98 the troupe released One Punch on Beat Records in Japan, which was subsequently licensed to Musidisc in France and Green Tea in the U.K. Then in '00, they released their third (and by far most successful) album, Full Contact, which was picked up stateside by Portland, Oregon's progressive BSI Records.

On In The Jaws Of The Tiger, King Jammy selects the best cuts from One Punch and Full Contact. He then sends them through banks of analogue filters, echo chambers and delay modules, and generally tinkers with them in true Jammy style. Originally released in '00 on Beat Records and Green Tea, the album -- which features standout tracks "Do Dub Up Your Fight" and "Rumble Dub" -- is available on BSI in the States.

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