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King Black Acid And The Womb Star Orchestra

Great musicians turn self-indulgence into art, and that seems to be King Black Acid's mission in the world. Influenced by '70s album rock, most obviously Pink Floyd's astral epics, King Black Acid throws traditional popular music's time restrictions and song structures out the window in creating wistful, blissful neo-psychedelia that is as enticing as it is excessive. Listen long enough and you will feel weightless, freed from the bounds of gravity and all other physical necessities.

King Black Acid's origins lie in Hitting Birth singer Daniel Riddle's Portland, Oregon bedroom, where he had a four-track recording project. Eventually, after a few people heard his tapes and interest in the project grew, he decided to flesh it out into a full-fledged band and recruited keyboardist Melinda DiCillo, guitarist Roger Campos, bassist Nathan Jorg, and drummers Scott Adamo and Joseph Trump. Soon King Black Acid and the Womb Star Orchestra was a cohesive, organic entity, renowned in the Portland area for its epic, mind-altering extra-planetary jams.

They released their debut, Womb Star Session, on Portland's Cavity Search in 1995, and followed it with 1996's Sunlit, featuring the wandering, spacey 20-minute epic "Some Things Must Be Believed To Be Seen." They've released one since, 1997's Royal Subjects.