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Kinetic Grooves

San Francisco is a breeding ground for top house talent. Industry leaders DJ Rasoul, Miguel Migs, Joshua, DJ Garth, and Tony Hewitt are all longtime fog city producers. There is also a plethora of new names waiting to break out. One such outfit is Kinetic Grooves, which is comprised of synth maestro Sen-sei and sound selector David Coleman. Trainspotters will remember Sen-sei as the organ grinder on Wicked Records' classic "20 Minutes Of Disco Glory" (produced by DJ Garth and E.T.I.).

Together, Sen-sei and Coleman have turned out numerous releases on their own Kinetic Grooves label and Ben Doran's New Rip imprint. "Movin And Groovin," produced with John Howard, is solid floor-filling material and incorporates one of the most infectious bass lines you are ever likely to hear. "Rumble On" is deeper and more tribal and "San Frandisco" makes 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea seem shallow. "The Sunday Grind," produced for New Rip follows the current trend of deep and loopy tribal house made famous by labels like Siesta Music, Red Melon, and Grayhound Records. Kinetic Grooves could well be the next big house act to climb their way out of the San Francisco underground.

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