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Kim Norlen

The multi-talented Kim Norlen was one of the many talented singer-songwriters to emerge in the Portland metro region during the mid '90s. Her first musical endeavors involved fronting the popular Cavity Search quartet Rattlecake, who secured a devoted local following with an album and an EP filled with toothy, bouncy punk-pop tunes and joyous live performances with such Portland notables as Heatmiser and Pond.

Following the breakup of Rattlecake, Norlen relocated to the Bay Area, where she became an Official Friend of Epitonic, and began recording under her own name. Her first solo album, 1998's And, on her own Red Science label, showcased a unique and assured songwriter with a personal but not overly ponderous compositional style favoring delicate multi-tracked guitars and prettily fragile vocals. Three years later, Norlen followed up with a gorgeous, pensive record called The Green Door, which featured contributions from fellow Portland natives Rachel Blumberg of Boycrazy and Jeff London.