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Killa Bite

Back in '98, Rob, Phil, and Ben (sorry, we can't tell you their last names kids) hooked up to form Killa Bite. Their first EP was well received across the board by music buyers, journalists, and most importantly, working DJs. Using samples from classic house tracks (circa '88) and up-to-the-minute programming skills, Killa Bite 1 became one of the biggest selling techno singles of the '98 and made the trio a household name overnight.

Killa Bite 2 built on the theme of the first single using samples from later day house music anthems and twisting them for the late '90s floor. You will recognize a variety of time-honored samples in both volumes. Since the success of the first two releases Killa Bite have split up leaving Rob to man the fort. Together with his dog Charlie (as seen on the Killa Bite covers), Rob plans to fly the Killa Bite flag high for a few more releases. The London underground starts here.

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