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Kid Koala

Kid Koala (Eric San to his folks) blurs the lines between turntablism and performance art. Blending beats and bits, Koala passes over slick samplers, choosing instead to combine gems from thrift store record bins, old commercial cut-ups, spoken word recordings, cartoons, and sound effects with a clever sense of humor and a dead-on sense of rhythm.

Kid Koala began scratching in 1998, but the buzz really started in 1995, when he independently released his now-legendary Scratchcratchratchatch cassette/10-inch vinyl. Loaded with turntable wizardry and Charlie Brown samples, Scratchscratchscratch was snapped up by hipsters of all stripes and is now impossible to find. In 1997, Kid Koala appeared on the Return of the DJ Volume 2 compilation, signed to Ninja Tune, and released a 10-inch, Scratch Happy Land. In 2000, he followed up with a long anticipated full-length, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (recorded with only two turntables and a sampler!).

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome lives up to the promise of Kid Koala's earlier work. By turns technically dazzling and hopelessly silly, tracks like "Fender Bender," featured here, showcase Kid Koala's eclectic taste and nerdy sense of humor. Listening to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on repeat is the aural equivalent of channel surfing on digital cable for eight hours: lots of information, very little context.

In addition to his solo work, he also mans the decks for the groovacious Montreal band Bullfrog.

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