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Kerosene 454

Over Kerosene 454's extensive career they released quite a number of records, some of which were becoming quite difficult to find. Polyvinyl Records has released a collection that precedes the work on their own label Slowdime/Dischord. The Race CD includes Kerosene's Situation at Hand LP, Down in Three seven-inch, Two for Flinching seven-inch, Blown Clean seven-inch, plus some unreleased material. This compilation displays the earlier sound of the band and catalogs a several points in time for them. If you have never heard them, Kerosene 454 is a West Coast band that relocated to Washington, DC and this move actually somewhat personifies their evolution in sound. A heavy and sonic more abstract punk band ala Drive Like Jehu embraces a more straightforward powerful rock sound such as the middle-aged Dischord Records bands like early Shudder To Think.