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Kerbloki is a trio of white guys from New York City who create riotous punk and metal-inflected old school rap. Does this sound familiar? Yep, the influence of the The Beastie Boys is all over these guys' sound. And that's a good thing. Like the Beasties, the members of Kerbloki used to be in a hardcore band (Rights Reserved, back in their native North Carolina), before making the transition to being a fun-as-hell party band.

Urban Myth, Kobra, and The Chip pass the mic back and forth, issuing wonderfully warped rhymes and rants about important social issues like "sushi bars and overpriced antique stores," over a stew of fat rock guitars, ass-shaking bass lines, bizarre electronics, and a drum machine beat that's always front and center. The whole package has the uniquely lunatic flavor of out-to-lunch New Yorkers, who are funnier than nutcases from other cities any day of the week.

Kerbloki's self-titled debut CDEP came out in 1999. That release features "You've Got Kerbloki," a song that includes the lines, "Kerbloki is here for the new generation/and our style got no explanation," which pretty much sums up Kerboki's mission and aesthetic. Three years later, the wacky trio turned out their debut full-length, also self-titled. It's got the same infectious Licensed to Ill-style energy as the EP, but more interesting instrumentation that feels like an offbeat combination of old-school hip hop, video game music, movie scores, dark post-rock instrumentalism, and having fun with the drum machine. Considering the potential for self-consciousness and embarrassment inherent in the notion of three white guys from South Carolina doing oddball party rap that hearkens back to the mid-'80s, Kerbloki does an excellent job of keeping it fresh, fun, and real.

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