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Kenneth Graham

There are producers who change their sound according to what's in and out of fashion, and there are those who stick to their own sound regardless of the musical climate. Kenneth Graham belongs to the latter category. Since his '94 debut (as KG Beat), Graham has been refining a soulful techno-house hybrid sound that defies categorization -- save for the fact it is most certainly underground.

Not one to hog the decks, Graham is also keen to share his studio skills with others. He produces as Seven, Midnight Sessions, Sunkiss, and Sunchildren Project with David Alvarado for Plastic City, Bomb Records, Aqua Boogie, and Peacefrog, and as GLF with Steve Loria and Terry Francis. When not in the studio, Graham attends to his website, Controlteam Music and Media (, which was among the first sites to stream live DJ sets across the web.

"Driven To Extinction," "Share," and "Protons (Version 2)" are taken from the Driven To Extinction EP on Jump, while the original version of "Protons" is taken from Selected Sessions Vol. 3 on Chris Jackson's other label, Resource. "Fair Game" and "Cryptography" (taken from the Cryptography EP) and "Land Before Time" and "Bermuda" (taken from the Land Before Time EP) are all '01 releases on his own label Controlteam. Also, be on the lookout for his debut '02 bombs, "Salvation," "Voices," "Adjacent Rooms," and "Short Lived" (all featured on the Salvation EP), also on Controlteam. Ever versatile, Graham reveals a more chilled side to his personality as Estelle Montenegro for Frankfurt's Elektrolux.