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Kenneth Graham & DJ Kuya

Los Angeles-based Kenneth Graham has shunned being categorized, but most DJs and peers associate him with tech house and the harder sounds of house music. Graham embodies a dynamic and unconventional style both as a producer and as a performer . The diversity of his sound -- from ambient to tech-house, from trip-hop to techno -- is simply a reflection of his many tastes and influences in music. Transcendentalism, integration, and experimentation are themes behind his music and the result is pleasingly unpredictable.

DJ Kuya is rising talent in the Los Angeles underground electronic scene. Although known primarily as a DJ, he has recently made the transition to the realm of production, and success behind the turntables is gradually translating into success as a producer. If the state of the dance floor is a measure of a DJ's performance, Kuya's sets would always score high. They are fluid, often melodic, and sometimes quite intense. Kuya's musical taste ranges from house to hip hop/trip hop, from tech house to acid jazz. His musical career started back in 1990 with a local DJ crew. By 1994 he found himself primarily involved as a live percussionist in an alternative band. He never lost touch with his wax roots though and continued to perform as a DJ, concurrently developing skills as a percussionist as well as a DJ, and now bringing those strengths to his producing.

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