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When oceanic drum and bass was haute couture, Keltech was making banging hard-step. When jazzy drum and bass was all the rage, Keltech made banging hard-step. Now that drum and bass has come full circle and we are hearing more of a house influence -- guess what -- Keltech is making banging hard-step. This man, who hails from Cardiff, Wales, is locked into the same sound that makes Panacea, The Advocate, and UFO! tick: ruff and tough bass-heavy drum and bass.

Keltech was introduced to dance music through the rave explosion in Britain in the early '90s. He soon began promoting his own parties in and around Cardiff and bringing in the big names. The progression from promoter to producer came in '96 under his Critical Adjustment alias. Initially, Keltech was picked up by Second Skin (home to King Kooba) and the U.S. Intelligent imprint. He set up the Pyraplastic label to further his experiments into dark drum and bass, and to explore the realms of nu-school breaks. "Agony" is a firing hard-stepper with corrosive breaks, ominous chord soundscapes, and heavily filtered kicks. This is the sort of music that would sound at home on a loud sound system at an illegal party in a derelict building somewhere in East London. Get the picture? In contrast, "Fear Mind Killer," at 135 B.P.M., would fit perfectly into an Adam Freeland nu-breaks set. Keltech even experiments with dark hip hop breaks; check "Chewy" and "Fat 64" for the results.

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