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No single label is strong enough to restrain a mighty band like Karp. Make no mistake: this is wicked, evil, bust-out-your-eardrums and bow-down-to-worship-the-dark-forces metal. Not indie rock, not sludge rock, but straight-up Heavy (really heavy) Metal. The guitars are as thick and noxious as a toxic waste dump, channeling the spirits of Sabbath, Slayer, Motorhead, and AC/DC. This is the kind of music you listen to for motivation when you need to move a pile of bricks, drive through the middle of the night, or kick someone's ass. The kind of pounding assault that infuriates mothers and makes neighbors pound on the walls. Are you ready?

"Live on KPSC" is from the live Karp/Rye Coalition split 12-inch on Troubleman. "Bacon Industry" is from Karp's self-titled full-length on K Records. Both records were released in 1997.

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