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Don't be misled by the "post-rock" label. Hamburg, Germany's Kante has more in common with the nostalgic, cinematic, and often ebullient music of bands like Pell Mell and Scenic than it does with the Chicago-based jazz bands that are often lumped into the same category. Some songs even have echoes of the romantic space pop of Low, mixed in with a dab of electronic experimentation.

On Kante's 1997 album, Zwischen Den Orten, Peter Thiessen sings in both German and English, melding electronic elements with simple, assured guitar, bass, and drums to blur the line between languages as easily as they do the line between genres. Harnessing the power of sweat, sunshine, and an explorer's optimism, Kante creates songs that are both ear-catching and atmospheric, crossing the familiar post-rock landscape on an original and interesting path. Kante carries you along on this aural journey, sending mere snapshots of what lies ahead, never afraid to drop the occasional bleeps and blips over majestic swells of acoustic instruments, loping along with a rhythm that suggests a horseback ride through canyons and across fields. When Thiessen implores, "Let's go away for a while, let's go away," on the featured track, "California Fernfahrer," it's not quite clear if it's a seduction or a threat. Whether he's being sexy or menacing, it's hard to decline the invitation.

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