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Juju is a scientist of covert means. Firebombing the unsuspecting aural sensibilities of the masses, Juju and the Phunckateck crew not only play out all over the U.S. but produce intensely alien and utterly engrossing funky metal-ferro-schizoid tracks that ravage whatever venue they invade. Juju combines his passion for Santeria bata drumming, punk, dance hall, and industrial noise genealogy to transmute digitally warped data into ferocious drum and bass science. Juju's dubs are already prized currency in the black market underground of club scenes nationwide. Juju has worked with UFO!, DJ Abstract, and DJ Tee Bee, in spawning tunes in the vein of such U.K. acts as Bad Company and Matrix. A creator of San Francisco's weekly event, Phunktion, and a resident DJ there, Juju creates alien noize that writhes along the timeline, snarling and hissing violently as bass punches and drums fire like futuristic artillery.

Look for Juju's releases on F-111 Recordings, Pneuma Records, Phunckateck Communications, and Thermal Recordings.

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