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Juice ain't the cat you want to have your first battle with. He's been making a name for himself in Chicago for almost decade now, and he has emerged as an underground legend. He is revered as some sort of latter-day hip hop deity in some Chi-Town circles, and his freestyles sound better than some MCs' best written material. Juice won the '98 Hip Hop Olympics and beat Eminem in a 12-round knockdown, drag-out lyrical slugfest at Scribble Jam '98. Still, he hasn't had much time to shine on vinyl, CD, or cassette. Two of his solo tracks, "Freestyle or Written" and "Period," were on EPs put together by the Molemen production team, and he has guest-appeared on tracks by fellow Chicago artists such as Rubberoom and Rhymefest.

Now, after so much hard work, he's finally set to release an album in the year 2000. His single "Sincerely" is dedicated to his underground legend status, and how he's achieved icon status without videos or street-teams. He brags how content he is being "famous for not being famous" and how "as long as I reach my people over vinyl I'm fine." A melancholy piano track provided by the Molemen's His-Panik sets a lovely mood as Juice expresses both personal resolve and disgust for other ignorant record labels while he "talks the fine line between an MC and a playwright."

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