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J.T. Donaldson & Chris Nazuka

J.T. Donaldson and Chris Nazuka are probably the most consistent house music producers on the circuit. Donaldson hails from Dallas. He made his name producing for Fair Park Recordings (from which spawned New York's Central Park) alongside Lance DeSardi. From there he moved to Chicago, where he continued producing for labels such as Balance, Distance, Cyclo, Earth, and Choice Cuts, to name but a few. Now living in Los Angeles, Donaldson is working closely with Jamie Thinnes at Seasons Recordings (formerly Earthtones), where he plans to record a full-length.

Chris Nazuka lives in the Windy City with Derrick Carter. Together they produce as Rednail Kidz and Tone Theory. Besides his releases for Nordic Trax, Nazuka has graced the wax of Tweekin' Records, Soma (as Retroflex), After Midnight, and Bombay Records (with Tim Shumaker). Taken from The Quiet Life EP, both "Leading The Quiet Life" and "Speaking With Sounds" are produced with the house music connoisseur in mind. Raw rolling bass forms the backbone for subtle piano loops, discreet chords, and progressive kicks. Chicago all the way.