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Josh & Luke

Canada's finest Luke McKeehan teams with S.F. resident DJ and producer Joshua Michaels aka DJ Iz on the highly celebrated Nordic Trax label for a pair of stunning late-night-cum-early-morning house cuts for lovers of the deeper ethic. Michaels has recorded under an array of pseudonyms and for a number of labels, including Silver City, NRK, Guidance, Balance, and of course Tweekin' Records, the Haight Street record emporium where you will find him during the week. He holds a number of residencies in S.F., where you will hear him spinning that special blend of deep underground house that has put the City on the International dance music map.

McKeehan, on the other hand, is somewhat of a newcomer to the production process, still he is a polished veteran of the movement. He created The Nordic Trax label, and his remix of "Carrots And Beatz" proves his prowess behind the production desk is equal to his A&R abilities. Raw funky beats and a smooth bubbling bassline float effortlessly under a canopy of warm, layered chords on said cut. Michaels extends his already rich catalog with "Take Control," a track that has received wide critical acclaim throughout the more respected music press and as such has been in the boxes of the more notable deep house players for some time. Together, Michaels and McKeehan produce The New C.P.U. Experience for your downloadable pleasure, let's hope this is not the last time they pool their efforts.

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