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Jondi and Spesh

Jondi & Spesh are legendary in their hometown of San Francisco. Together they both manage the much-lauded Loöq Records label and run the extremely successful weekly S.F. dance party Qoöl. Their music is characterized by hard driving techno beats, beautiful gliding chords, and organic samples.

Tube Drivers, released on Loöq Records, harks back to the early '90s with its biting acid loops and familiar breaks, and at the same time embraces the new millennium with its subtle sampling and up-to-the-minute production techniques. "We Are Connected" took the U.K. by sudden storm the other year after John Digweed played the tune on BBC Radio 1 and subsequently licensed the track on his prestigious Bedrock imprint. The track was also re-released in the U.K. on Dorigen with a remix by Circulation.

In addition to the full album stream of Tube Drivers, several tracks are up for download on Epitonic! Among these are a Jerry Bonham remix of "Copenhagen Express" and a pre-release tune "Cycle 1" which is taken from their 2000 full length entitled We Are Connected. Uplifting and very dance floor friendly.

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