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Jolly Korea

Jolly Korea is a five-piece rock group that originated in Chicago, IL. Even though they conventionally fit into the Rock genre, their music can still suddenly turn into a punk-fueled frenzy. If The Strokes randomly started being inspired by hardcore music, they would make an album exactly like Jolly Korea. In October of 2012 they released their newest EP, titled For The Record. Their debut album (The Red Scare) was released in October 2010, but the band had already formed a loyal local following in the two years prior to its release. They became known for their killer live shows, which could take place anywhere from a traditional venue to a packed garage. After a few initial shows, Chicagoans came to expect two things from a party where Jolly Korea was playing: That it would be an insanely good show, and that the neighbors would call the cops. That's just how they roll.