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Johnny Pinkhouse

Acetates (also known as Recordio-discs) were the technological breakthrough for home recording in 1949. The Wilcox-Gay Company developed a system by which individuals could affordably record and cut their own albums using lightweight needles, the technological advances of piezo-electric pick-ups, and the recordable media of aluminum discs that had been slathered in an acetate varnish.

Johnny Pinkhouse's collection Bad Acetate: 50 Fabulous Years in the Soleilmoon Lounge is a nostalgic document of the home recordings made on these acetates. Completely devoid of any context -- like a stranger's photograph found on the street -- the CD provides an embarrassingly uncomfortable, yet perversely enjoyable, listen to the bad jokes, sexual faux-pas, Bugs Bunny impersonations, and rambling banality from the 1940s upper middle class. Rumor has it that these recordings were made by the original founder of Soleilmoon recordings, Seymour Crouchly, and were discovered by his grandson Johnny Pinkhouse, who (in between sips of his never-ending pink martinis) sifted through the recordings in hopes of presenting them with digital clarity.

From the Soleilmoon Lounge through the Epitonic Lounge, we offer four untitled gems from Pinkhouse's findings.

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