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John Tejada

Since his '97 debut album on Essex techno imprint A13, John Tejada has flirted with virtually every electronic style under the sun. From techno to house to drum and bass, he has mastered them all. The son of a celebrated soprano and an acclaimed conductor, Tejada left Austria for the warmer climes of Southern California at age eight. Driven by a love of hip hop, he began experimenting with electronic equipment in his mid-teens and released his early works on the aforementioned A13 and his own Palette imprint, many with his recording partner Arian Leviste. Like most electronic musicians, Tejada shops his music around; to date he has released EPs on 7th City, Ferox, and Organised Noise and LPs on Immigrant, deFocus, and more recently, Plug Research.

Daydreams In Cold Weather fuses the futurism of Detroit techno/electro artists Model 500 and Drexiciya with the precision of London's introspective dance music pioneers Plaid and B12. Divine Styler steps up to the mic for "The Silence of Us" while Tejada's mum, Carmen, makes a sneaky appearance for "Abre Los Ojos."

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