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John Tejada & Arian Leviste

With an acclaimed soprano for a mother and a conductor (no, not a bus conductor) for a father, it's hardly surprising that John Tejada (pictured) devoted his life to music. Born in Vienna, Austria, Tejada moved to his current home, Los Angeles, when he was eight. Eschewing traditional music in favor of the electronic variety, Tejada's early love of all things hip hop developed into a penchant for electro and later techno.

Tejada's early techno outputs can be found on cutting-edge European labels such as Ferox and A13 in the U.K., Multiplex in Denmark, and Generations R&S in Belgium. He has also produced mind-bending tech-house for U.S. labels such as 7th City, Organized Noise, Immigrant, and Plug Research. He has been collaborating with longtime friend Arian Leviste since '91, and many of their tracks are featured on Tejada's own Palette imprint. Leviste is so embroiled in his studies he has yet to pursue a solo career.

"Just Across The Street" is the duo's second release for Robin Porter's acclaimed Immigrant label, the first being '00's Focus and Temper EP. Its funky Detroit beats and pin-dropping synths make it a perfect choice for the Immigrant compilation Border Crossing. The compilation also features tracks from Paul Mac, Lance DeSardi, Casey Hogan & G.O.L., and label boss Robin Porter himself.