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John Pickett

Many a DJ hath fallen off into the void when first attempting to make a record like the ones he is known for spinning so righteously. Conversely, many producers of outstanding tracks are born lacking the right chromosomes for mixing on the wheels of steel, and self-consciously avoid turntables like a plague. Residing in infamy at S.F. clubs Psychofunkodiscodelic and Frisco Disco, DJ John Pickett bravely bridges the DJ/producer chasm with a new release on Frisky Records.

"Fillmore St. Jack" sounds like a software application designed to make sequencers electronically recreate the style of Tito Puente and his band. Pickett takes organic-sounding marimba, timbale, and percussion samples and genre-defining vocals on a bumpin' midtempo ride straight back to the old-school of house music.

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