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Joe Buck

You wake up in a daze. Your mouth is dry and you've got a pounding headache. Not only did you fall asleep in your clothes, but you're still wearing your shoes. In fact, those aren't even your shoes. You put your nose to your shirt and inhale the distinctive smell of cheap beer and cigarettes. You remove each shoe and find sawdust caked inside. You have a vague recollection of the night before. Your crotch aches. Actually you feel like you're groin's been pulverized by a hammer-toting elf. You have a vague recollection of the night before. Slowly it starts to come back to you. The mechanical bull. The game of liar's dice. Joe Buck.

Joe Buck makes the best kind of drinking music -- it won't send you running to the latrine the next morning, it doesn't require a gallon of grain punch to appreciate, and it's full of brilliant, twang-infused melodies.

"Meet Me On The Set," from the band's 2000 debut Remember the alimony, is a tale of broken hearts and betrayal told through the metaphor of a film audition. The clever lyrics ("It's a love scene can't you tell? On location in hell, we'll be shootin' here all night.") and beautiful pedal steel guitar will make you put your head on the bar and cry like a baby.