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When Breakbeat Science announced that they were launching a sister label to their eponymous and highly successful flagship imprint, the drum and bass world knew that something special was about to happen. The ensuing news that JL would be the label's principal producer was met with an equal measure of intrigue. The moment of truth -- the first promo run and dub-plate airings of "Mindtricks" and "Deviant" -- had everyone clapping in unison at the work of this young NYC producer. Orgone Records was born.

JL began his production career in '91 when he formed Freshchest Records with partner Johnny Cock. The label released solely hip hop until '95 when JL happened across jungle and early drum and bass at a rave in his hometown of NYC. Inspired, he independently released two drum and bass full-length projects, Audio Stimulance and Rotations. Then in '98, "Distorted Information," a single he produced while attending an internship at Rawkus Records, was licensed by Sm:)e Communications for inclusion on the groundbreaking Nu York Nu Skool Vol. 2 compilation.

JL's debut for Orgone, "Mindtricks," backed with "Deviant," caught the attention of music connoisseurs worldwide, most notably BBC DJ and all round prankster John Peel and the Moving Shadow artist Dom and Roland. Dom (and his ubiquitous Roland keyboard) went so far as to offer his remixing skills to rework "Hymn," the second release from JL on Orgone. The ensuing mix, featured here, demonstrates Dom's complete mastery over the drum machine as amens and two-steps fly from every conceivable angle. The future of drum and bass is alive and kicking with Orgone.

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