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Jim Hopkins

Jim Hopkins was born and raised in Sacramento, California and began Djing at the age of sixteen. His passion for dance music was inspired by early funk groups such as Funkadelic, Parliament , Curtis Mayfield, and the Ohio Players. In 1984, Jim, armed with a razor blade and a reel-to-reel tape deck, began producing remixes for various DJ remix services (Hot Tracks, Rhythm Stick, Disconet, and Metropolis) as well as remixes for independent record labels (Tamah, Pink Glove, and Mastered). To date he has remixed over 140 tracks.

In 1991, Hopkins moved to San Francisco where he started his own record label, Twitch Recordings. His involvement with the early San Francisco rave scene beginning in 1991, enabled him to DJ at parties such as Toon Town, Osmosis, and Unleash the Queen.

As a DJ, Hopkins has played throughout the US and despite his intensive studio schedules and operations of the label, still enjoys travelling to parties with his stomping house and funky breaks sound.

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