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Since '96, Brooklyn's DJ Spinna and MC Kriminal have been turning out fresh underground hip hop of the highest caliber. Debuting with "Beyond Real," so successful they named their label after it, the pair has slowly but surely gained the respect of the more discerning hip hop community. Spinna needs no introduction, having pasted his name on cuts next to the likes of De La Soul, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Mos Def, and Les Nubians, to name but a few. More illusive but no less talented is Kriminul, a street-savvy, multitalented lyricist who thinks with his head, the one on his shoulders.

Infectious is the duo's debut album as Jigmastas, and what an album it is. We are treated to fifteen cuts of the finest underground sounds, from the phat 'n' phunky lead track "Till The Day" to the highly original tap dancer sampling "Don't Get It Twisted" (featuring Sadat X of Brand Nubian) to the smooth, late night "Nocturnal Jam." Spinna's beat programming and sample base is extraordinary, and Krim's intelligent lyrics are complimented with guest appearances from the likes of Apani B-Fly MC ("Apology Not Accepted"), James Ramsey ("Hollar"), DJ Joc Max ("8 Million Stories"), Shadowman, Akil, Ha The Jet Black, and Truth Enola ("Old World Disorder"). Judging by this debut, we have a lot more to look forward from the Jigmastas.

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